Custom made bamboo and woven blinds

Established in 1972, Bali Blinds has been locally assembling quality natural bamboo blinds for nearly 50 years with a reputation for excellent quality and service. At Bali Blinds, we are committed to providing the best bamboo blinds for your home,  that are both cost effective and eco friendly.

We specialise in custom-made bamboo blinds that can be finished in any colour you want, to complement your décor style. Our services include site visits to show samples and take measurements before assembling and installing them onsite.

Full Service

We will work closely with you through every step of the process

Site Visit
Show samples
Take measurements

Locally Assembled

We are proudly South African!
Cost effective

Why Choose Bamboo?

The many benefits of bamboo

Bamboo blinds are an excellent way to create the perfect ambiance, while still having strength and elegance. 

The bamboo blind was developed to perform in the harsh African environment, and offer an excellent decorating option among homeowners, guest houses and hotels and are used as both indoor and outdoor blinds.

The Eco friendly blinds are attractive, hardwearing and most importantly their simple mechanisms are easy to operate with little to no maintenance.

Whether you are looking for shade from the afternoon sun or a blockout blind for privacy, we can help.