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For over 50 years Bali Blinds has manufactured quality bamboo blinds, always keeping innovation and service excellence at the forefront.

At Bali Blinds we are committed to providing the best bamboo blinds for your home, that are both cost effective and eco-friendly. Bamboo blinds are a classic yet contemporary option, allowing for a modern and clean look as they can be customised in colour, size and shape – blending in seamlessly with your décor style.

We work closely with decorators, homemakers, and architects to offer aesthetic window covering solutions, adding a touch of natural beauty to any space.

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We are proudly South African!

Benefits of Bamboo

More than just a giant grass, bamboo provides a sustainable alternative to traditional soft and hardwoods. Its lightning-fast growth and rapid biomass generation is unrivalled by any natural lumbar material.

Good for the planet

Bamboo is versatile and can be used for almost anything.

It’s a carbon sink

Bamboo is an effective carbon sink, used to help fight climate change.

Lightning-fast growth

Bamboo is harvested over 6 years, compared to oak which is after 60 years.

Strength and durability

Some species of bamboo have more tensile strength than steel.

Cost effective


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